Budget-Friendly Remodeling Strategies That Can Make Any Bedroom in Your Home More Accessible


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When most people hear the word “remodel,” they often think of the hefty price tag that comes with making significant changes to one’s home. Since a full remodel to any one room can cost thousands of dollars, it is understandable to feel cautious and apprehensive.


This is especially true when exploring a remodel that enhances accessibility. Items such as stairlifts, lowered cabinets, and ramps can cost several thousand each. However, when looking to renovate certain areas of your home — such as a bedroom — for accessibility, there are budget-friendly modifications that can be made to greatly improve an individual’s quality of life.


Keep in mind that in some cases, it might make more sense for homeowners to build a new home to meet their accessibility needs. Louis Parrish from United Real Estate offers a program that gives clients a discount when they sell their home and buy brand new, which can save you thousands of dollars. You can learn more about that service here.


In addition, Louis Parrish presents these top remodeling tips that can help you make any bedroom in your home more accessible on a budget.


How to pay for an accessibility remodel

Even when looking at budget-friendly accessibility modifications, the costs can quickly add up. That is why it is crucial to decide in advance how you plan to pay for these changes.


Before following any of the tips below, set a budget. Whether you are making the changes for yourself, for a parent, or for your child, balance the most pressing needs with what you feel comfortable spending. In addition to making purchases in cash, explore other options to make the remodel easier on your finances — including financing options, the use of coupon codes, shopping sales/comparing prices, and making changes that won’t cost you anything.


Ensure that beds, lighting fixtures, and other items are at the right height

One of the more fundamental accessibility remodels that you can make is adjusting the height of bedroom furniture, lighting fixtures, and other commonly used items. Rather than buying custom pieces (which cost thousands each), get creative with using your existing furniture.


If your accessibility needs include modifications for wheelchairs, be sure to line up your existing bed at the height of the wheelchair seat. This can be achieved by using a combination of a lower profile box spring, bed frame, and mattress. Additionally, while it is a bit more of an investment, you may also want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed to help meet mobility needs.


Eliminate all clutter and make repairs to any safety hazards

While it is always beneficial to reduce clutter and make critical repairs in your home, it is even more necessary when a member of your household has accessibility needs.


As part of your remodel, create a plan to eliminate any hazards that could cause injury. This includes removing all clutter from the floor, repairing loose flooring, and securing any other loose items that are used to steady one’s balance. These low to no-cost improvements could be one of the most crucial parts of your entire remodel.


Create a soothing environment

If your accessibility remodel involves making modifications for sensory processing issues, be sure to remove or change out any elements that could be too overwhelming. Consider adding a dimmer to bright lights, and making the space as quiet as possible.


Add finishing touches

Your bedroom remodel doesn’t have to be exclusively about functionality. Instead, you can find budget-friendly ways to add new accessories — such as bedding and pillows. It is even easier to find deals when shopping at major retailers like Macy's — especially when there is a Macy's promo code for online shopping. Before making a purchase, however, always be sure to check for online coupons and discounts.


Whether making these changes to your existing home — or to a new home that you’ll be buying with Louis Parrish — it is easier than ever before to complete a budget-friendly accessibility remodel. You can also use many of these tips to enhance other areas within your house.


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