Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home With These Simple Tips


Nature inspires, soothes, and reinvigorates the mind, body, and soul. Simply being outdoors is a calming experience. Unfortunately, life and the weather limits how much time you spend outside. Between work and home life, along with changing seasonal weather patterns, it is almost impossible to spend as much time as you want outdoors.

You may not be spending as much time enjoying nature as you like, but you can bring some aspects inside your home. Bringing the outdoors inside gives your home a fresh, relaxing atmosphere, and it’s easier than you may think.

Fill Rooms with Plants


Give your bathroom the illusion of an outdoor tropical spa with a few plants. Orchids, ferns, and other humidity-loving plants can make any bathroom feel like an oasis. Best of all, moisture from the shower and bath helps keep the plants green and blooming with minimal care from you.

Add a small herb garden to your kitchen. You can find kits with everything included designed to fit on a windowsill. You can have a miniature edible garden even when it is freezing outside.

Tall potted plants or even miniature fruit trees are ideal for bedrooms, living, and dining rooms. They give any room a fresh, new look.

Paint or Paper the Walls


Floral wallpaper is making a comeback, especially since it is peel and stick. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a breeze to apply to any wall. You can also use it to accent a wall or molding. You can find floral paper in several styles and colors.

Painting your walls a shade of green, and there are thousands to choose from, is a great way to reflect nature inside. It’s best to paint all of the walls the same color. Accent walls aren’t as trendy as they used to be, and a sudden change in color can be jarring to the senses.

Project Nature Inside


Homeowners are starting to switch from televisions to projectors for the stunning image quality they produce. You can use it to produce stunning nature scenes on the screen when you aren’t using the projector for movies.

Image walking into a room and seeing your favorite garden or beach sunset. You will feel like you are outside enjoying the beautiful view.

Use Natural Materials


Wood mirror frames and other accent pieces give a home a natural elegance. Comfy furniture made from natural materials like wood and cotton is another way you can bring nature inside.

Stone is another popular natural material that’s also versatile. Stone countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are a unique statement piece in a home. You can even find stone sink basins if you really want to add a natural touch. The free-floating sinks look great in any bathroom.

Embrace Natural Light


Natural light brightens up a space. It’s also necessary if you have plants in the room. Adding windows will give you a panoramic view, but it is not the only option. You can also have skylights installed. You still get plenty of natural light, along with more privacy than windows can provide.

Another option is to thoroughly clean the inside and outer panes on your existing windows. Open the blinds and pull back the curtains to let the natural light shine in. It’s an inexpensive way to bring some of the outdoors inside your home.

Being around nature is relaxing, soothing, and calming. It can also invigorate you. Bringing some of these elements inside your home allows you to create an oasis where you can escape from daily stress. You also get to incorporate some creative design ideas, making your home unique and perfectly suited for you.

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