Is Now the Best Time to Move to Tucson to Support an Aging Loved One? Here’s How to Decide 


Becoming a family caregiver is a big decision. If you’re trying to determine if now is the best time to move to Tucson to support an aging loved one, here’s how you can figure it out.


Today is my Mom’s birthday!  Born on 12/3/1941, she is 80 years old today. 


How to Assess Your Senior Loved One’s Status


If you’re trying to decide if moving to Tucson to care for an aging loved one needs to happen sooner rather than later, it’s wise to look at the right factors. By assessing your loved one’s condition, you can determine if they need immediate support.


In most cases, you’ll want to explore:


Consider how your aging loved one is doing in those categories. Once you do, you’ll be able to figure out if moving now is the best choice.


Steps to Sort Out the Housing Situation


Once you decide that it’s time to move, you’ll need to sort out the housing situation. Along with considering your needs, you’ll need to determine what’s best for your loved one. In some cases, they may be able to remain in their home if you’re nearby. However, it may be better to explore other options, including having them move in with you or researching specialized facilities.


If they might move in with you, consider if your loved one needs special features. For example, they might benefit from a first-floor bedroom, grab rails in bathrooms, or similar options. If that’s the case, let your realtor know if you need an accessible property, as they’ll be able to help you find the right match.


You’ll also want to prepare for the cost. Overall, Tucson isn’t as expensive as many other cities, which can work in your favor. If you’re looking to buy, the average home value in Tucson was $290,000 at the time this post was published.  Click the link to see what it is today. If you’d rather rent, the price for an apartment averages in the $589 to $1,453 range, depending on size.


How to Manage Home Maintenance


Whether you’re planning on moving your loved one in or want to help them remain in their house, having a home maintenance plan is wise. By getting help from the right professionals, you can ease your burden without missing essential maintenance tasks.


One great option is to hire a gutter cleaning service. Not only do they have the know-how to do the job safely, but they’ll also bring all of the right tools. They’ll remove debris that could hinder the flow of water, making water damage less likely.


Plus, they can alert you to possible issues, allowing you to handle them promptly. In most cases, you’ll find that a standard ‘gutter cleaning in my area’ runs just $106 to $167. However, larger projects could come in closer to $350, so keep that in mind.


Hiring a housekeeper could also be an excellent idea. They can make sure that cleanings happen regularly, ensuring your or your loved one’s home is hygienic. Plus, it allows you to focus your energy on other areas, giving you more time to assist your loved one, handle work, or tackle personal tasks.


Tips to Streamline Your Move to Tucson


Once you find your new home, you’ll want to have a seamless move. If you’re usually pressed for time, then hiring a full-service moving company could be your best bet. That way, you’ll have professionals by your side who can handle everything. They’ll provide moving supplies, deal with packing and unpacking, and transport your stuff. All you’ll need to do is be ready for their arrival.


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