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Planning Your Move to a New State


Moving to a new state may seem difficult. However, if you create plans to help you stay on-task and organized through the relocation process, you can move to a new home and adjust to life in a different state. Today, realtor Louis Parrish shares some tips to make the process much easier and less stressful.


Look for a Job or Start a Business


Finding work before moving makes it easier to access housing and adjust to life in your new state. If your employer has multiple locations, you may be able to request a transfer or apply for a position internally. You can also tap into your professional network to learn about jobs in different locations. When applying for positions, include in your resume or cover letter that you are willing to relocate. Although you may interview remotely, visiting your new workplace in person is also a good idea.


If you're interested in running a business, you can use your move as an opportunity to get started. You should create a business plan to help you stay organized and communicate with potential investors and business partners. Your business plan should include an overview of your company that details its values and structure. For example, it should cover how you plan to start an Arizona LLC, since a limited liability company offers you certain legal protections and tax benefits, not to mention reduced paperwork. To attract funding, you need financial projections, too. Furthermore, you should describe your services and products. A thorough business plan can help your company thrive. If you’re having trouble finding your way, consult a guide on how to start a company for more details.


Select a New Home


To find the right housing in your new state, you should first evaluate your budget and consider how your living costs might change. In addition, know that housing costs vary dramatically based on the area of the state you're planning to live in. Based on your savings and income, you can determine how much you can afford to budget for housing.


With some help from a real estate professional, you can gain information about the area and check out homes remotely. Prioritize the features you need so that your real estate agent can show you houses that fit your requirements. It’s a good idea to look at broader market trends as well. If you’d prefer to rent before you buy, you can peruse local rental listings and use filtering options to find a suitable property.


Organize for Moving Day


Consider using a checklist or timeline to help you stay on track as you plan your move. For instance, if you plan to hire movers, you should start researching companies six weeks before moving. Purchase moving supplies and declutter your belongings a month before you move. Give yourself at least two weeks to pack. You can set aside essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies and focus on infrequently used possessions first.


Unpack and Settle In


After you move, assess your new place and see if you need to clean or repair anything. You can also paint the walls before you unpack. Feel free to check online for some great ideas to help you establish your decor and color palette. You can even improve the design of your place with small changes like updating the fixtures and hardware.


A major move can be a life-changing event. If you're intimidated by the process of relocating to a different state, try to develop plans that help you reestablish yourself in a new community. Find work or start a business, select a new home, plan your move, get some help with decorating, and then get settled in your new home!


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